Thursday, March 17, 2016

Week 22: I heard someone yell, "Linda?!"

My second dessert at my second dinner. 
Baby pulling on my sweater. 
Dinner at Elena's! 
I really like this concept for a picture of Christ. Isn't it so cool? We need him to pull us out of the deep end so often in our lives!

Temple trip with Leo and friends 

Our super hipster Leap Day Polaroids! 

Monday, February 29: P-day
First p-day of the month! (Well, not really, but it counts and we got paid) so going to Walmart was actually fun! Haha I loaded up on food and stuffs and life is just so good. Sister Nielsen was pretty bummed that we didn't have volleyball anymore today (so was I) but then when we got home we were dead tired and it was actually super great chilling out. By the end of p-day it's always nerve wracking because you think you forgot to email someone or get in everything! But after p-day we had dinner with the Mott family! The dad is a nonmember and the mom is less active but served her mission in Madagascar! So cool! He's not interested in meeting with us yet, but he's going to church eve Sunday and really enjoying gospel principles, so thank goodness for that class. We met with Michelle after that and started teaching her son the lessons and her the new member lessons. He was really excited to get baptized, but we found out the Sunday after that he can't get permission from the dad to get baptized so he's pretty bummed :( we'll see him tonight though (Monday)!
Tuesday, March 1:  The Baby is coming!
So Jenna, our pregnant less active neighbor in the complex, asked us to come over and help her clean and we had some extra time, so we thought why not? Turns out, we get there and are cleaning and talking to her and what not and then she starts telling us who to call when she can't speak anymore. What? She was going into labor. Right there. With us there. Luckily we were there though to keep her a bit calmer than if she was by herself, and she was able to text a sister in law to come over and watch Lolo, her other daughter. So once her sister got there we bounced (after cleaning of course). We stopped by Amber's house today (Sister Scott's daughter! Sister Scott is the one who is going to paint pictures of us) and got to have a lesson with her! It was really good that we came over too because she was going through a super hard time and just needed someone to talk to. So many people we teach have these awful trials and I feel so under qualified to talk to them about it, but I know the Lord qualifies those he calls for sure! That night we stopped by Angelica's house on a longshot (because she's a single mom and a doctor) and she was home and had time to sit down with us! She offered us a choice of orange juice, water, or cranberry juice and I LOVE cranberry juice so yeah I took that one. She asked me if I wanted it diluted and I was like what? Pshhh no it's not tart at all no worries. IT WAS 100% CRANBERRY JUICE. None of this cranberry juice cocktail stuff with 29% juice that Sister Thetford always makes fun of me for. But I asked for it, so I drank the whole thing. It was like drinking dirt that someone had set on fire. But I couldn't just ask for it specifically and not drink any of it, so I took huge gulps and tried not to wince while she was watching lol. The adventures of missionary life. We met with Brother Holland that night to correlate, where he gave us like 5 printouts of case studies like the Susan Fulcher one we had to read in the MTC. Party. 
Wednesday, March 2: "I'm excited for Sunday! Can we call Sunday on the phone?"
We has a lesson today with Heather, a less active woman that totally threw us off. I think she was the most excited person to ever meet with us ever and she was less active? She agreed with everything she said and when we would say something really basic she would go, "I never thought about that before! EVER!!" I felt like she was messing with us at one point, so it wasn't our best lesson because it was just so confusing haha. She committed to come to church though! (Spoiler alert: she didn't come). We stopped by to see Bill at another place, who is another less active member, and we got to have a quick lesson with him outside because there were no other women home and it was sunny and beautiful! We showed him He Lives and committed him to read from the Book of Mormon and meet with us weekly! So we're going to see him every week and hopefully go to a few meetings at church with him :) Then we had a family home evening with the Urbina family and had them do the light of Christ activity where they are blindfolded and they have to draw something without seeing. It was so funny! We talked to them about going to church and got them excited about it, and little Bella said, "I'm excited for Sunday! Can we call Sunday on the phone?". So cute!! We decided to stop by the church building after that because one of our appointments canceled and we thought we should stop by. Turns out we had a lesson planned with Randy at he church for that time and it perfectly worked out that we stopped by. We whipped out a law of tithing lesson really fast and thanked the Lord that we made it in time. We had a lesson with Rachel really quick and then partied on home. 
Thursday, March 3: "I'm not going to lie, I enjoyed telling a group of middle-aged men how the mission program was going to be run and what we needed to do."
Today we had just a quick stop by with Angie and read a talk with her while her son Ashton ran around the house screaming haha. She's doing a lot better! She's having us come over on Saturday to get the kids pumped about church. We're excited! We had a lesson with Ashton and Ryan in the RV park that's in our area and they got a new RV with a ton more space in it!! They were super hard to teach only because they have a super hard time focusing. But it's a really funny and cute family and they're all really excited when we come over, which is sweet. We had a lesson with Liz and her son, Sam. Sam is less active, so we came over and talked to them about the patterns of light videos by David A. Bednar. They went to comic con every year that it's happened in salt lake which sounds like so much fun!! I definitely want to go to comic con after my mission and dress up as someone crazy! That would be so much fun :) We had a stake meeting with all our ward mission leaders (and only like 6 showed up) and we did a training for them on how to use the progress record online and reporting on sacrament meeting attendance. I felt kinda like a boss, not gonna lie. I was telling a bunch of middle aged men how things were going to be run and what we needed them to do. Blammo! 
Friday, March 4:  Lunch with friends from Singapore!
We had district meeting and weekly planning today! Not too much was happening. We had another lunch with Angie from Singapore and her husband and we went to a cute little sandwich shop with the BEST cookies. Who knew snicker doodles could be so good?? We had a lesson with Boston and Caden about the plan of salvation and I used the markers you sent me, Mom! They loved it, but of course were very crazy. 
Saturday, March 5:  I heard someone yell, "Linda?!" 
Sister Siady took me to temple square and I was reunited with Sister Holcomb!!! We waited for Leo, Tayson, Parker, and Rick to show up (and of course they were late haha) and we got all caught up. It was weird being back with her at temple square, it didn't feel like my area at all anymore. We got to go see Leo do proxy baptisms though and it was so exciting and such a sweet moment! We ate at the temple cafeteria after that, something we all took for granted, but Leo was SO excited about because it was his first time in the temple. The spirit is so strong in the temple for sure :) As we were taking pictures in front of the temple I heard someone yell, "Linda?!" And that was terrifying. At first I didn't realize it was my name and then I was like oh my gosh who knows my name here?? And then it was Stephanie, my cousin!! Crazy moments all around! Such a good day! I went back to my area and Sister Nielsen and I went over to Angie's to pump up the kids and they got sliiiightly excited for church. More like they knew that their mom was expecting it now, so they couldn't fight it. 
Sunday, March 6: "I'm finally off the Coke... Coca Cola."
This was an early morning! We woke up at 5:30 to leave at 6:30 for a meeting with our stake presidency. I kinda got after them (I feel bad now about it) about ward councils being focused on missionary work. Only some of the ward councils even mention missionary work and that gets me so fired up!! I asked them for a list of the ward councils that mention it and the ones that don't. I'm having us attend the ones that don't. In the handbook of the church the (suggested) agenda is that missionary work is items 3,4, and 5! Ahhhh!! Oh well, we're working on getting people excited again. We of course went to tons of hours of church and it was fast Sunday! I bore my testimony for the first time in my life without someone specifically asking me or without it being a requirement to graduate from primary. It was super short. But I was really happy that I finally did it. Then the next ward sacrament meeting the bishop made the missionaries come up. Him and I don't super get along haha bff. We'll probably work through it. We talked to sister Scott (painter) for a bit after church and she was telling us about A,ber and that things aren't going so good, and we somehow got on the topic of addictions and sister Scott goes, "I'm finally off the Coke... Coca Cola." I about died laughing. It was such a good moment. We had a correlation meeting with Brother Williams and then is started pouring down raining, complete with a thunderstorm and lightning! Luckily our dinner picked us up and drove us to their house. And then drove us to our next dinner. Haha it was my first time with two dinners on my mission! I'm so glad I'm not here for any major holidays! We had dinner with Elena for the second dinner and she's just so sweet! I spent the whole time trying to speak Spanish to her and her just laughing at it and showing me how to make fajitas with her amazing homemade salsa that was too spicy for sister Nielsen (hah!). The whole time I just wished I knew Spanish. She's honestly the sweetest! After that we got out of the house and it was snowing!! The walk home wasn't too long, but we were soaked afterwards! Such a good day :)

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