Sunday, March 6, 2016

Week 21: Happy Leap Day!

Monday, February 22:
Great p-day! We went into Salt Lake to go to the church history museum and hang out at temple square and the lion house. It was so much fun! And it was nice to get out of the neighborhood for a while and see the city again. After p-day ended we got to have a lesson with Toni, where we just talked to her a bit about the Book of Mormon and how it can help us in our lives. Then we had a super fun dinner with Victoria and her family and we got breakfast burritos with authentic homemade tortillas!!! Then we had a meeting with one of our bishops aaaand we went to the wrong bishops house lol. Didn't realize until we were already halfway through correlating that we texted a different bishop that we were on our way. WHOOPS. OH MY GOODNESS. We just barged into this families family home evening. What have we done. Sometimes with 11 wards you just can't keep them straight. It happens!
Tuesday, February 23:
We went over to the RV park that's in our area today to find a family that hasn't been returning our calls and she was home!! We set up an appointment to come back and we're super excited :) We had our last lesson with Michele before her baptism tonight and she's doing super well! We taught her the rest of the topics that we had to go through and she is super great with all of them! She is doing really well on word of wisdom, and is really excited for her baptism. We also met with Nathaniel, an investigator that I hadn't met yet. His family is less active and he's young enough that he just hasn't been baptized yet, so we go over and teach his whole family and it's such a great experience. I went this whole time without crying in a lesson and then BAM tonight I lost it in the lesson. So close. We also met with Brother Holland, one of our ward mission leaders, and he said that he could make mission plaques for us and that it's only like 30-40 bucks! Haha both of our home wards don't do plaques and how funny would it be if we got our ward mission leader on our mission to make our plaques?? Haha! 
Wednesday, February 24:
We got out of the house early this morning to help the Spanish elders move a family out of their house (the family needed help moving out of their own house. Confusing phrasing I know). When we show up there's like basically the whole zone of elders there and we're the only sisters and it takes this family like 40 minutes to show up with the truck, and then there's way too many of us to actually be helpful so we started walking home and went to Einstein bagels! Win-win! We went over to Sister DeFillipis' house to teach her friend, Queenie! It was kind of a super scattered lesson with the language barrier, it reminded me of teaching Larry in my old area. But it was still really good! What's sad is that she's moving in 2 weeks to go to Georgia! But we'll have the missionaries visit her there :) We stopped by Angie's place to see how she was doing and it turned out that she had just been praying to feel gods love! Just then!! We thought we were stopping by because all our appointments had cancelled but really all our appointments cancelled so that we could stop by :). We had a lesson with Randy after that, and he's doing really great. We also had a meeting with one of our ward mission leaders, Brother Adams, and his daughter was actually in one of the wards I covered in my last area!! So crazy!
Thursday, February 25:
Today we had our interviews with President and that was super chill. I guess he Thoth I hadn't cried enough in it, because at the end he asked me how I feel about the savior. Cheap shot. We had a lesson with Ayla, and she's doing so well! She was going to ask her grandma tonight if she could get baptized, so we're all so excited to hear how it goes!! Michele's baptismal interview was tonight too, and the elders came over to do that. It was pretty funny though, because they didn't have a ride back and asked us to find them one for them. So we call a ton of people and one of our ward mission leaders comes FROM bountiful to take them TO bountiful. Haha they were going to knock on random doors if we didn't find them a ride. They're crazy. Michele passed by the way!! Baptism on Saturday!! We also had a lesson with Mike tonight, and it went really well. Sister Nielsen and I are getting better at our transitions, so it went smoother. Haha the joys of mixing up companions all the time! :) then we correlated with Brother Thompson after. Super chill night. 

Friday, February 26:
District meeting today!! I got my curling iron (thank you so much mom!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!!) since my curling iron I've had since like 7th grade finally died. We got to go to lunch with Angie, moms new friend in Singapore! The lunch was not in Singapore, but she met my mom in Singapore and she'll be moving out there soon! It was so nice to be able to talk to someone about Singapore again, and we could totally agree on how crazy my mom is :) we then had a lesson with Scott, a recent convert that Sister Gonzales and Sister Allen taught, and he's doing really well! He has an amazing story, and all of it can't go in here but he went through 39 sets of missionaries in 7 years until he found those sisters, and he really gave it an honest effort that time. He found so much hope in the gospel and he's had some incredible spiritual experiences. He also taught us different types of curtsies (is that how you spell that?) that we got on video lol. We met with Angie again, this time when her kids were there so that we could do a family home evening with them. It was super sweet. Angie has been through so much hardship in her life and had a funeral the next day that was on the same day that someone close to her had passed away a year before. So hard. 
Saturday, February 27:
Today was Michele's baptism!! It was such an amazing service and the spirit was so strong! One of her sons wants to be baptized now which is so exciting! For the rest of the day we really just had weekly planning and got to know more people. 
Michele's baptism! That's Rick next to her, and Sister Allen came back with her trainee for the baptism :)
Sunday, February 28:
We saw a baby blessing in the morning at one of our bishop's offices, of the child of a less active man who's interested in coming back to church. What an amazing experience. We went to 3 sacrament meetings like always, but we got to see Michele confirmed in sacrament meeting at the last church we went to! So we stayed for the rest of the hours there. Not much else happened today. We got to visit a few referrals and set up times to come back and that was really great. 
Sorry this weekly email is kinda lame haha I'm too tired to type too much more :) 
we were so excited to wear pants to help someone move! Aaaand we barely helped someone move. But we still got to wear pants :) 
same story 
#missionlife. Just kidding I'll give more explanation! This was when we were helping someone move and we were all just standing around waiting for the guy to come back with the truck, and the elders decided to "koala" each other. This is my favorite screenshot from the video

here's an awesome frozen custard (didn't know that was a thing) place that gives half off to missionaries and is spelled the same way as sister nielsens last name! :)
Scott's "homeboy curtsy". So great. 
Love you all!!   Sister Jensen

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