Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Week 20: "You have a baby face"

Monday, February 15:
We had the most chill p-day of my MISSION. We went to Walmart so sister Nielsen could buy some stuff, and then we were home the rest of the day. We may have gone kinda stir crazy indoors, but it was also a really nice time to just chill. We had a lesson with Ayla at 6 and she's so funny! It's a bit hard to keep her focused since she's like 12 but she's so solid! She's so excited to be baptized, the only hard part is that her grandparents won't give consent yet. We're working with her on helping her talk to them and explaining that this is something she really wants to do. 
Tuesday, February 16:
We visited referrals most of the morning today and then had a lesson with Randy! :) he's doing so great and the sun was shining so much today and that made him the happiest I've seen him! The sun really does change people's mood, that's for sure! We also had a lesson with Donell and Todd. Donell is less active and super super nice. After a close family member died, she decided that she wanted to take the missionary discussions and come back to church because of the spirit she felt at the funeral. Todd isn't a member, but sits in on all the lessons. He doesn't want to participate or anything, but he's there to support Donell, which is super sweet. 
Wednesday, February 17:
Today was kind of a slow day in the morning. There was a huge storm and it randomly snowed like CRAZY. We spent most of the morning inviting women to the Super Saturday this week, and emailing them the class schedule and everything! Like, we emailed every investigator, less active, and recent convert we had to see if they could come :) we had a lesson with Michele tonight, and we taught her about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We also touched on word of wisdom at the very end because we know she has some problems with that. Our next lesson with her will be only the word of wisdom and law of chastity and it should be pretty interesting! We also had a lesson with Ernie and Rachel tonight, and apparently Rachel usually hates missionaries and they have to work to get them to like her, but Sister Nielsen said that she's the nicest she's ever been, and I had just met her that night! We had a really good discussion about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and then Ernie had me do some weird psychological test where I draw a tree and then he analyzes it and tells me who I am from that tree. You know me, always a skeptic, but I'm willing to try! So I draw my amazing tree, and he tells me that I'm focused more on making sure others are happy other than myself, I don't feel grounded, I have a lot of chaos in my life though I try to organize it, and that I feel exposed. Also he said that I rely on outside sources for energy. So basically all of that was a lie, but it was interesting haha! :) He was so proud of himself after that he dropped the paper like you do a mic. So funny Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joy
Thursday, February 18:
We had another lesson with Ayla today where it took us a full half hour to go through just the 10 commandments. This girl can turn anything into any topic, it's a talent really. She's hilarious, it just takes a little longer to teach her sometimes because suddenly we're talking about how great this treehouse museum is down the road. She's crazy :) we had a correlation meeting with one of our ward mission leaders, Brother Bean, who has the cutest craziest little 1 year old son! I don't remember what his name was but he would just be squealing, run up to us and slam into our legs and squeal while running away. This was the whole time during the correlation. Little hard to focus haha but super fun :) We also had a really good lesson with a less active member named Melanie, and she was telling me all about her travels throughout Europe and BASICALLY LETS GO TO EUROPE. I sound so spoiled when I'm like, "Oh I've always wanted to go to Europe!!" And then they find out I've been in Asia and Australia and they're done talking to me. If you were wondering, I tell people I'm from Washington, unless they spend 10 minutes talking about how much they hate Washington (even then I say it). OH MY GOODNESS. I forgot to tell you about Becky! So we stop by this house to say hi to Becky, who has a nonmember husband. We sit down with her for a second and she goes right in about how she was so angry at the part sister missionaries in this area and that she and her husband HATE everyone from Seattle, Washington, and they're all a bunch of two-faced liars and they were just the scum of the earth. So then she turns to me and asks, "So where are you from, Sister? Please don't say Seattle." And I just couldn't help it so I go, "Seattle, Washington..(the shock on her face was great).. But we can say I'm from Singapore because that's where my parents live" so funny. We also correlated with Brother Thompson today, and they were like, "oh, you can stay until 10, right?" And I'm like "NO WE HAVE TO BE HOME BY 9:30 AT THE LATEST AHHHHHH" and made them take us home right then. #rulesareforyourprotection #imsocool
Friday, February 19:
District meeting, as always! Sister Nielsen and I had to do a role play in front of the district, but luckily it was an easy one of just sharing a member message with an active couple. I got 9 letters!! NINE. People in the zone were legitimately angry with me. So a thank you everyone that sent me a letter! I love letters so much and it makes everyone else super mad! Haha like 5 different people had to come up to me and say, "are you sister Jensen? You got all those letters. All of them. Is it your birthday?" NO ITS NOT AND ALL OF YOU CAN EAT IT. As you can see, I'm still working on kindness. After that we did service for Jenna, a pregnant lady with a 2 year old. Her life is CRAZY. We did her laundry and her kid was screaming everywhere and slamming her face into picture frames and falling off chairs and eventually they both fell asleep on the couch while we did laundry and cleaned little Lolo's room. It was crazy, but pretty funny. And really good to help out since she's having an awful pregnancy and about to pop and she has no family or friends around here. Nothing too huge for the rest of the day, just weekly planning and correlating with another ward mission leader, Brother Gibson. They made us smoothies and their little girls kept hugging us and drawing us pictures and it was great. Family wards are just so different from YSA wards. 
Saturday, February 20:
Today we had super Saturday!! Absolutely no one that we invited showed up. Missionary life! What are you gonna do. We went to one class called meal planning with Pinterest though... And this lady had her whole LIFE planned out basically. She makes a meal plan for every day of every month and is always trying new recipes from Pinterest like everyday and we're like how do you have time to do that?!?! Parents have busier schedules than missionaries! We at least get 8 hours off once a week. We had a lesson with Michele after that about the word of wisdom and it was kind of intense. She got pretty angry about it, but by the end she was totally committed to living he word of wisdom. Don't ask me how that happened. The Lord works in mysterious ways. We had a lesson with Boston and Kaden, two kids whose Dad wants them to be baptized (we're not sure how supportive the mom is). They were both CRAZY and we somehow got through the restoration. You'd have to ask Sister Nielsen how she accomplished that one. I still feel like I have no idea how to teach children, but I'll get there! We had a lesson with Mana, a less active we just met that night, who has a nonmember husband. It turns out that she JUST found her long lost sister of 23 years. She's been stuck in Africa after she was kidnapped from them at the age of 1 and raised by this random lady who told her that she was her mom. It was exactly Tangled. It was the most crazy story ever. Honestly, for like 10 minutes we were just in awe. They found her!! And they're getting her back! This girl was told that she had no family and she's just finding out that she had 16 siblings and that her parents are alive!! 
Sunday, February 21:
Sunday's are definitely really long. I love them, don't get me wrong. But 3 sacrament meetings in a row where you greet everyone with a permanent smile and you sit there quietly reading the scriptures and taking notes kind of gives me a headache. You're just on all day because you're ALWAYS seen. I don't know why I just wasn't feeling it this Sunday haha, all of our lessons cancelled and I just had the most massive migraine all day. But I'm fine!! As always, it gets better and the Lord provides a way :) 
Pictures from this week! We took a lot more videos than pictures, but videos don't send over email for some reason... So here are the pictures!
us after walking in the snow!
A sign we saw on one of the doors next to one we knocked on. We didn't dare knock ;)

I'm turning into Sister Holcomb!! Hahaha I finally broke out my rain jacket for the crazy rain snowstorm that was going on

Sunday selfiez! 
When sister Nielsen tried to take a picture of the moon WITHOUT ME IN IT

The hilarious email we got from President today

zone picture taken from last transfer's zone conference
Love you all!! 
Sister Jensen

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