Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Week 19: Serving in Foxboro North Salt Lake Legacy Stake

Monday, February 8:
Today was crazy since we found out I was leaving and that I needed to pack all my stuff and find a split to drive me to my new area on Wednesday morning! We needed to let all the ward mission leaders know, and some of the people in the area that we were teaching and that we were close to. We did some shopping and got free pancakes at the institute! Then we picked up Sister Mola and Cheng from sugarhouse since they couldn't find a ride back, and Sister Thetford came over so she could chill with me while I packed and Sister Pula and Holcomb could go clothes shopping. We went to Parleys FHE for a bit where we met some of the new bishopric, and we went to Highland FHE where they were celebrating Chinese New Year! I totally had a ton of potstickers and spilled soy sauce on my skirt. Worth it. (And it didn't stain, crisis averted).
Tuesday, February 9:
Here's the struggle: I always go off my area book planner to write my weekly email because it tells me what I did that week. Buuuut I changed areas so now it's a struggle remembering what happened. I know we had a lesson with Ko (because I was leaving and I had to say goodbye) and it was actually a really deep lesson! He was asking really good questions about the plan of salvation. At the end he prayed that I would be safe in my new area "wherever it is" and that I would be a good missionary. It was really sweet and I was like starting to cry a bit. Totally forgot to take a picture with him!! We had back to back lessons that night and Leo's lesson was right after Ko's! Leo and Parker taught us (Sister Holcomb, Tayson, and I) as if we were the investigators and EFY were the missionaries! They taught us the restoration and it was really good! I'm normally really good at keeping a straight face during role plays but at one point Parker said, "he went into a group of trees" and I immediately started cry laughing. It showed how tired I was and how sad I was to be leaving! Maybe it's a good thing I didn't have another transfer there to get even more attached haha!
Wednesday , February 10:
Transfer day! Paige and the sister training leaders came by and we put all the stuff into her car and took pictures and tried not to cry and all that jazz! We made the trek up to north salt lake where it got grayer and grayer and looked like we were in the middle of nowhere. The sign we saw as we got off the exit said "Sal Lake Gun Shop" so I was a little worried I went straight into the country with this area. But then BAM this little neighborhood shows up and we cover the whole thing! Our apartment is MONDO nice. There's carpet and a dishwasher and laundry and actual heating and multiple rooms and closets in the bedrooms. Also the ceilings are high enough to stretch my arms up, life is crazy. We stopped by this lady's house, Sister Scott, and we were just talking to her when I noticed all the paintings on her wall and it turns out she painted them! They were amazing!! I should've taken a picture. But now she's going to paint pictures of US! She said she would paint me with the Hong Kong temple in the background, I'm super excited to see it :) We had a lesson with Nikki and Rob, these cool investigators that are just looking for more truth in their lives. We were going to teach them the restoration but then felt totally inspired to teach the plan of salvation and it went super great. We also met with Randy, a recent convert, who is pretty shy and old but super funny and nice. He's pretty antisocial so it was hard to get him to open up with me there, but by the end we were like old friends. We also had a lesson with Toni and her family, and we just talked to them about the intro to the Book of Mormon. It was kind of a make or break lesson and it turned out pretty good!
Oh my goodness we're too cute. Don't look at the zit on my face. I'm blaming the pollution in the air haha :)
First day together! Already bffs   lol :)

Thursday, February 11:
The Sister training leaders came by today to talk about setting goals and being ready for the new transfer. My new sister training leaders are Sister Robinson and Ursaga. They're pretty nice. I definitely miss having my trainer as my STL, but you can't always get what you want haha! But these STLs are nice! We had a meeting with one of our ward mission leaders (we have 11) and it was good. It's hard to follow since I don't know any of these people, but I'm taking lots of notes and hopefully I pick it up fast! Then we got a ride to Salt Lake so Sister Nielsen could go to her doctors appointment and it was like missionary reunion in that waiting room! I saw sister Berrett and sister Thetford and tons of other random missionaries from the mission! It was super fun :) we had a lesson with Michelle, our investigator on date, and it was really good! She knows a lot about the bible, so we showed her verses in the bible that talk about the plan of salvation and that really helped. We also had a lesson with Mike, anrecent convert, and it was really good. We also talked about the plan of salvation (that was one of my least favorite lessons to teach and I taught it like 6 times in a row. Is it a sign? Haha!) 
Friday, February 12:
We had district meeting today, and my new district seems pretty cool! I knew absolutely none of them. So that was interesting. We played two truths and a lie (which is so much fun when you've been outside the country) and did some interesting training where sister Nielsen had to stick her hand in a pot of dirt and syrup to pick out a scenario with which we were supposed to practice weekly planning (why it couldn't have been a dry bowl of scenarios on paper, I'm not sure). We did some weekly planning today as well, and we went to a ward party! Michelle was teaching the ward how to do a line dance and she was so nervous! We were there for moral support :) she did so great though, and her friend Rick is such a good fellow shipper for her! 
Saturday, February 13:
We had a lot of contacting referrals today, and we met with another one of our ward mission leaders. We had a lesson with who we thought was a less active. Turns out she's super active (her name is Clea) but she lives with nonmembers, and we were able to teach her roommate, Andrea, and have a member present lesson instead of a less active lesson! It all works out! We finished more of our weekly planning tonight after dinner. (Dinners are always at 5 here and they are sometimes a lot more casual and sometimes a lot more fancy than YSA. It's always families though and we never go out to eat, so that was pretty different!)
Sunday, February 14:
We went to 9 hours of church today, taught Primary in one of the wards, and greeted everyone on their way into each sacrament meeting! Sunday's are a lot more tiring in family wards! Instead of maybe teaching relief society and getting to take a break from smiling while you're in the car driving to the next building, you're always on your game. Haha you're always greeting people, making conversation in the car with members as you drive to the next place, trying to get kids to listen to you, and remembering every persons name possible. It's intense, but AWESOME. I'm so up for the challenge. I thought I would be so much more mentally tired than I was, but it was super fun! We met with 3 more ward mission leaders today and we tried to contact some referrals with no luck. But I'm learning the area more! It's hard because we have two neighborhoods basically with a little trail in between them, and like every other street is a different ward. It's all about memorization here. But our dinner had us decorate cookies and they gave us valentines and treats and it was super fun!! 
The inversion is so terrible here that this is the first time I could even see the mountains! A lot of missionaries here get bronchitis and asthma because of the inversion. Haha it's crazy! I thought it was fog, but apparently it's trapped pollution.

I just thought this sign was so funny. Like come on! Is it really that big of a deal??
We got heart attacked by our STL's!  

The companionship on the town! This was the crazy Sunday of walking and tons of church :)

This is what happens when we exercise on PDAY mornings... It kinda turns into reading emails. But we've been really good about exercising! We go to the church building across the street (it's like literally 2 minutes away walking... Utah.)
The new district! From left to right: E. Montatip (he's not in our district, he's one of the zone leaders just sitting in), me, S. Nielsen, E. Brandner, E. Rocha, E. Reeder (this is his first transfer. He's pretty short- 6'8"), E. Ervin, E. Alford (District leader), E. Kila. 

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