Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Week 18: Starting the longest transfer of the mission! 7 weeks!‏

Transfer information!!!!!: I'm getting transferred to Bountiful!! I'll be covering 11 family wards up there (moving my way up in ward count :) )  I'll be with Sister Neilsen, a missionary that came out 1 transfer before me, and I'll be the senior companion again even though she'll probably be leading the area because I don't know family wards or Bountiful. But I'm up for the challenge! I'm sad to be leaving my area, but it will be super good, I just know it!
Monday, February 1: Beating a varsity athlete at their own sport :)
We went bowling today! And for some reason we split back up so that sister Thetford and I were on the same lane and sister Holcomb's son another lane haha, but I totally beat Sister Thetford! (The first game at least, she crushed me in the second game). I do like bowling, but I think 2 games is my max for one day, I'm just so inconsistent! Haha it's fun though, and is all luck (in my opinion). I got some of my skirts fixed by Sister Larrabee, who is the best lady ever! I love hearing all her stories and both of my companions so far have.... Not liked her stories as much. Haha but I think they're so fun and she's just a hoot! And she fixed my skirts for free! What an angel :) we went to an FHE for hillside and asked this guy next to us if he had anyone for us to teach and he actually did! We set up a jam session with him and his nonmember friend for Monday (spoiler alert- it didn't work out. Apparently his friend is meeting with other missionaries we don't know) =
Our companionship in a picture. Just yep :) 
Old picture! Finally got it from sister Holcomb- it's from the finger painting activity! There's Rick front left and Paige front right. She's the best :)
Bowling on Monday! Sorry this picture is so low quality! It's from someone else's iPad and it's probably not the best one. I'll try to get a better one :) This isn't even all the zone by the way! Do you see the matching comp shirts though? They're darth Vader :) 
Also old picture alert (because we didn't take many pictures this week) from when we tried to recreate the picture of us. This picture makes me angry because DO I CARE ABOUT THE SKY THAT MUCH? no. This is when I remember that my mom is a photographer and not everyone else. :)

I also don't like this picture, but what are you gonna do? It's cold. 

When our dinner was playing the Super Bowl in the other room and we had to sit in the kitchen. And then Coldplay came on and we were in pain! Hahaha

Pretty self-explanatory. This is why I don't buy cereal- bought it a week ago and it's almost gone!
Tuesday, February 2: Seminary celebrities! 
We were on a panel this morning for the seminary classes that go to east high (the high school where high school musical was filmed. Did I ever tell you that it's in my area and I pass it everyday?). We answered all their questions about how we like our missions, and what the hardest thing to adjust to was. Some of these kids went for the deep questions like, "how do you handle rejection?" And, "what is your biggest fear on a mission?", and, "was it hard to leave your family knowing anything could happen to them?" And we were like daaaang everyone calm down for a second! Missions aren't THAT scary! They're hard and tiring and it's sad to be away from your family but you're so blessed and you don't even realize the spirit you have with you because it's so strong and so constant! It was good to be there to tell them to chill and just pray about what they need to do. We had a few great member messages and in one of them for some reason I was totally grilling this lady on her job (I feel like the Lord is putting these people in my path to actually learn what certain careers and majors are like, instead of just reading about them online) because she's a nurse in the burn unit and working towards becoming a physicians assistant in mental health. She gave us all these tips for what to do if you're interested in the medical field and I wrote them all down right them because GEMS. Still terrified of needles though. 
Wednesday, February 3: Exchanges/adventures with language barriers!
Exchanges didn't start until like 4 today, it was pretty crazy. They changes exchanges though so that both companionships are working in the leaders area, but we still sleep in separate apartments. It's interesting. But I was with sister Thetford again, and we taught a lesson in Spanish (we? Lol no) and then one in English. It was really fun to be back with her, I totally forgot that we used to start every lesson with a song. I was so not used to that. :) we did have dinner in our area though, so that they didn't have to find two dinners for one area. Also sister Thetford is tired of telling these Hispanics that she has to bring her own food because they all get super offended apparently. It's interesting stuff. 
Thursday, February 4: Painting a house for Mary Poppins
Started the day with a run! Then we did a workout video and I took a shower while sister Thetford did 2 more workout videos (she's insane). It felt good to run again, even if it took me forever to get my lungs working again haha. We taught a lesson today to an old lady who is deaf, but understands English and can speak English out loud. So we have a little whiteboard that we write everything on and then she reads it and speaks back to us. It was super cool! I didn't say a word in the whole lesson, but I wrote a lot ;) isn't that crazy? It was such a good, spiritual experience too because she said she was able to feel God's love for her for the first time, and she could start to understand the need for a savior. Such powerful stuff. We had a member message/ less active lesson with a girl named Aubrie and her less active friend Tenessa. Aubrie had just gotten into a bad car accident on Saturday where she hit her head on the steering wheel really hard and passed out! She had stitches on her lips and chin and the poor girl was just so sweet! She bought us presents and kept asking us what she could do for us and the whole time we were like oh my goodness stop! Take care of yourself! So we're going to do something for her :) we also did a service project tonight that was super fun! Bishop Kearl (C2)'s wife is putting on a play at Clayton middle school and we got to help paint the sets! While we were there we totally asked a ton of people who we could teach and we actually got referrals! :) be bold!
Friday, February 5: Leo's not a member?? Just kidding, everything's fine
We had a good lesson with Paige today, we were going to help her make cupcakes for her birthday party, but they had to be gluten free and dairy free and she decided it was too much hassle (and way expensive!) We had zone training meeting today, nothing too special about that, but after we visited some referrals with a member (because we're trying to show more faith) and when we went to go visit Cynthia, a referral from the zone leaders, the address took us to a care center. So we go in and it's kind of like a mental health home, and we ask the caretakers of Cynthia is there, and apparently she's not, but this guy there just thought I was the bees knees! He kept asking me what I brought him and kept his hand on my shoulder the whole time I was there haha it was sweet, but it was time to go. We'll try Cynthia again later :).  We were going to have a lesson with Leo where we did family history with him and helped him find names to take to the temple tomorrow, but it turns out that he didn't for sure have a membership record number yet (but he is still a member, don't worry!) so we took him to temple square and watched God's plan for families and talked about eternal marriage and the temple. It was great as always!
Saturday, February 6: The day of death and doubts. Sounds more intense than it is.
So today was pretty chill... ish.  We had another lesson with Sharah where she brought all her concerns and doubts to the table and it was really intense. She was getting pretty mad at our answers and the things we were saying, and told us that the church causes mental illness and hates people that have gone through hard things. So.... no. But it was good to hear her concerns because now we can move forward! We also had a lesson with Josh and Khari today and they're doing great! I guess Khari sees me as some mom/authority figure because to everything I said or asked him to do he just said, "yes, ma'am.". So that was interesting! Haha he hadn't prayed about baptism yet so I asked him if he would do that this week and of course... "yes, ma'am.". By the end I was trying to hold in laughter and so was Josh. We had dinner with Ian from the C2 ward and his grandpa had died ONE HOUR BEFORE. Why was he at dinner??? I don't know. We said that we could get our own dinner somewhere and that it was really no bother, but he was adamant that we get dinner. I think it was good that we met with him though because we talked about the Savior and that we all have a second chance after this life and I think he was feeling better by the end. Still, though... intense. We visited more referrals with a member for one ward, nothing too interesting there. And then we visited referrals with a member from a different ward! And she said, "I know why you called me, I haven't come to church in over a year. I get it." and we were like uhhhh we didn't know that at all! We honestly called tons of people and finally she said she could come. Also she had gone to a funeral that morning. Intense stuff. 
Sunday, February 7: 4 month mark! 
Not much happened today besides the super bowl and 6 hours of church. We visited more referrals and got a member message with someone that actually gave us referrals! It was exciting. Nothing past that.

Love you all!
Sister Jensen

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