Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sometimes the Lord sends you to old ladies


Monday, January 25: finger painting and master matchmakers! 
Today was just p-day! Not much happened except we got a ton of family history work done because our p-day was pretty open and this old guy missionary came up to us and said, "Man I wish I could just waste my day on the computer all day all week like you missionaries." That one slightly got to me. Because it was p-day and we only have like 5 hours of p-day anyway!!! ahhhhh! Haha but we had FHE with Central 2nd, and it was fingerpainting! It was super fun :) We brought Rick along (one of Leo's friends) to meet Paige and they totally hit it off! Wooooo! Haha YSA is so much fun, I love it so much. We had dinner with someone this week who said that they served in YSA their whole mission. I'm so down for that. Sister Holcomb got sick tonight though, so the zone leaders came over to give her a blessing. We didn't realize how messy our apartment was until they knocked on the door. Yeesh!
Tuesday, January 26: helped Hayley move and sisters aren't safe! (Jk we're fine)
Hayley moved to North Salt Lake! :( But we got to help her! And it was really good too because it helped her nonmember roommate see that we were normal people that just want to help out. She even hugged us when we left! So now the elders in Bountiful YSA have them so I emailed them and told them all about her and her awesome roommate. She's just so sweet! I'm really going to miss teaching Hayley, but maybe I'll go into Bountiful YSA sometime in my mission to see her! Sister Thetford and Sister Cheng (exchanges) came to help Hayley move and told us that yesterday some sisters in Glendale were mugged!! They weren't hurt or anything, but they were pretty shaken and all their stuff was stolen. They had to do a police report and everything. Guess what Sisters it was though :( Sister Mooneyhan and Gonzales. I really hope she's okay. :(
Wednesday, January 27: Sometimes the Lord sends you to old ladies
Today we spent the whole day walking and visiting less active referrals. It wasn't super exciting, except right at the end of the night we knocked on the door of 4 supposed less active YSA members, and an 87-year-old lady answered! She was so excited to let us in and said they we were the answer to her prayers! We just talked to her and asked her about her life and it was such a sweet experience :) The Lord doesn't care if you're in YSA or a family ward, when He needs you to go to someone, He will send you there. And it turns out she's lived there for like 40 years, so we have no idea where those less active YSA members are then!
Thursday, January 28: Paranoia settles in
Today was more referral contacting and member messages. I felt sick all day for some reason, and got suuuuper paranoid (in sister jensen fashion) and barricaded the door that night with chairs. But guess what? No one broke in. So either I saved our lives or I'm a crazy person. Win/win either way. I've been barricading the door every night. Why not? :)
Friday, January 29: The lost wallet scare of 2016 + learning how to do pro makeup
Today we didn't have much until district meeting, where Sister Holcomb got an email from her bank that she had -$80 in her account when yesterday she had $15. She was freaking out and one of the elders said, "Well where's your wallet?" And she searched her bag and it wasn't there, we ran past the super concerned zone leaders to check in the car for it, and it wasn't there either. By now she's freaking out and not knowing what to do, and we saw the nicer, more mature side of the zone leaders (lol) because they told her calmly exactly what she had to do to replace everything in her wallet, they told her to call her mom and if president got mad that they would take the blame, and so she called her mom and guess what? It was an amazon prime charge. Haha! She wanted to watch princess diaries the day before her mission and she got an amazon prime trial just to watch it for free and it didn't cancel and it just charged her now! Also her wallet was just in a weird pocket in her bag :). Bu also during weekly planning, we took turns calling people so that we could do the most ridiculous makeup possible on ourselves. That's what the picture is down there. We're crazy. We know. 
Saturday, January 30: Sister Holcomb baptism and amazing splits lesson!
Sister Holcomb had a baptism in her old area this morning, so we had to go on splits so that she could go to it and that I could keep the work moving forward in our area (thems the rules). So I was with Emma from Parleys and she was with Paige. It was really good for Paige to go to a baptism, and Emma and I did a member message with Janiece. And then we decided to stop by a less active referral, Sharah (the same one we helped move a while ago) and she was home and we got to meet with her and have a really awesome chat! All her concerns came out, and Emma was so great to have there. because she had worked through the same concerns at one point too. 
Sunday, January 31: Leo was confirmed! And Sister Holcomb dropped a burrito.
We had such a good sunday! We went to Monument Park at 9, and at 12 went to their mingle (for food of course) because Kristy cancelled our lesson for today :( But it was burritos! So exciting! We were on our way to the ward mission meeting for Central 2nd and walking up the stairs and Sister Holcomb fell up the stairs while holding the burrito on a plate and the burrito "slapped the stairs" (her words) and we helped her up (Ben WML and I ) and it was very messy and all over the place and she ate her burrito with tears still on her face. It's moments like these that I realize how awesome my companion is hahaha! She said, "Some burrito is better than none burrito" I wrote that in my journal. But also Leo was confirmed into the Central 2nd ward, and it was so amazing. We had a really rough stake correlation today, where we just got a lot of advice at once and I almost started crying. We're just really low on numbers and that's super not okay to the stake. It was good advice though!
This is my "you better not be taking a selfie during district meeting in full view of our district leader" face.
How missionaries entertain themselves. I don't even know what's wrong with us sometimes. Luckily none of our investigators see us like this.
When I set up our dinner to be at a Vietnamese restaurant while sister Holcomb was napping and had no say in the matter! First time having Vietnamese food in the states, and it was pretty good!
This is when I maybe think that i should go into something with technology because I didn't even notice sister Holcomb take a selfie. Look how hypnotized I am. (There's a wall of touch screen computers with little infographics in the church history museum) also, no makeup and natural hair! Eat it! (Syke there's a ton of product in my hair and it's still frizzy)
Why I'm not allowed to speak at conference. 
Love you all!! 
Sister Jensen

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