Thursday, January 28, 2016

7 Apostles in 2 days and Leo Baptism Day!

Before zone conference selfie!
The Gospel of Jesus Christ, complete with diagram! :)

A member of our ward sent us this in an email! She was sitting on the front row on the other side and she got a picture in the CHURCH NEWS. MY TRAINER IS IN THE CHURCH NEWS. 

Getting ready to head in to conference center for broadcast.
Do you see the person on the far left in the gray shirt looking at the apostles? THATS ME. 
Oh look, the top of my head! I'm a celebrity.
A close-up in case you didn't spot
Leo's Baptism Day! We taught Leo lessons and his friend, Parker, baptized him.
 Parker (holding camera) Rick(in back), Leo, Tayson (just returned home from serving mission in Singapore)

The crew! I feel like we're all so bonded and it's been 6 days.
Part of a text we got from Leo after the baptism. Made our week!

Monday, January 18: Family history: I'm not doing it!

Today we planned to do family history all day! Nope. Martin Luther King Jr Day shut down all the libraries and the family history center. We ended up having to go to the other sisters' church building so we could email... Totally fine- just super sad because I love doing family history. We had our second lesson with Leo today where we taught him the plan of salvation and keeping the sabbath day holy. The only thing he didn't know the exact doctrine on was the war in heaven. That's it! This kid is crazy... We had another lesson with Hayley too, and went through more of the for the strength of youth, which is like my favorite thing ever. I'm way too excited to go over that with her haha!
Tuesday, January 19: Zone Conference
We called the lady at the institute early this morning to reserve the font for Leo's baptism on Saturday (I'm senior companion and have been in this area longer, so I'm in charge of setting up the baptism when I've never had one on my mission yet!! Ahhhh!). Then we had zone conference from 8:30-4 and it was really good!! We talked a lot about being a friend to the savior instead of just a servant. The main question to ask yourself was, "How do I feel about the savior?". Super good- basically a servant is a recruit and a friend is a volunteer. We should be willing to help the savior because we love him, not because we were forced or want to look good to the world. Our lesson with Leo today was on the gospel of Jesus Christ, obedience, pray often, eternal marriage, and temples and family history. Haha we have to pack a lot into these lessons each day, it's crazy fun. We also found out today that we get to see the missionary worldwide broadcast live!! We don't have to watch it on tv, we can go see it in person at the conference center. We're going to get there so early. 
Wednesday, January 20: Worldwide missionary broadcast
We sat in the VERY FRONT ROW. We thought, 'what's more important to us? To sit someplace the camera could see us, and by extension, our missionary friends? Or to sit near the apostles? Apostles!'. We got there an hour and a half early (which was 2.5 hours before it officially started) I was in the far left corner on the front row when you're facing the stage. Elder Rasband, Stevenson, Bednar, Anderson, Oaks, and President Nelson were sitting 10 feet away from us. I was freaking out! By the end they just seemed like normal people, which is kind of sad, because I don't want to get used to seeing apostles and be those Utah people that are like ehhh whatever no big deal! Haha! We had a lesson with Jamie, and we had just been trained at zone conference about asking questions to discern their needs before just teaching them, and we did that and found out that he's really struggling with a belief in God! We almost moved on!! Asking questions is so imperative to missionary work. Our lesson with Leo tonight was on the law of chastity (which Sister Holcomb hates teaching but I LOVE IT), word of wisdom, obey and honor the law, keep the 10 commandments, and follow the prophet. Normally most of those would be separate lessons but that would be way too easy and normal.
Thursday, January 21: Met Rachel Connell's MTC companion
Not too much today! We had dinner with Quincy and her roommate, who happened to be Rachel Connell's and Elizabeth Hass' old roommates, and Quincy was Rachel's MTC companion! I took a picture with them, but I'm not sure where it ended up- it's on their phone somewhere haha. We had another lesson with Hayley, more for the strength of youth (so good, have I said that?), and our lesson with Leo was on the law of tithing, fast offerings, and fasting. Super spiritual lesson, and way good. 
Friday, January 22: Crazy guy at our district meeting
We had a lesson with Paige today and did more question asking and it turns out her family isn't super supportive, but she's trying her best to stay strong! She's the best, and we're working on finding her a good guy (what? What else are we supposed to do in YSA? :) ), but also just helping her feel loved of course!!! Our district meeting was same ole same ole until this guy came up to our classroom door like 3 times asking if we were going to eat the cookies in the hallway (no cookies were in the hallway, just mail and supplies), and then asking if we knew the difference between nuclear physics and nuclear families. He interrupted one more time and Elder Clawson got so mad at him! Then they brought all of the supplies into our room, closed the doors, and got the zone leaders to go talk to him because he was "putting us all in danger". So... We were basically in lockdown hahahaha, I really thought he was harmless though, and you know how paranoid I am. Our lesson with Leo was the last 3 things we needed to go over: service, missionary work, and teaching and learning in the church. Then he got his baptismal interview (and passed!!) and we all went on our merry way (baptism tomorrow!) And then we had a lesson with Pete at the family history center (more of a meeting, we just help him do family history while we do ours) and I added in Grandpa Bob into the tree, and I'm making tons of progress with that
Saturday, January 23: Leo's baptism
His baptism was so amazing! After he was baptized by Parker, they hugged for like 2 minutes and then Leo looked at all of us and said, "Thanks guys!" Hahahaha I've never seen that done before but awesome! It was super spiritual and we got amazing pictures (don't worry mom, I got you covered!) but I forgot to bring my Polaroid camera of the first baptism I was involved in on my mission! Agh! Life is just so hard :). We also had a lesson with Josh and Khari today (a less active and a new investigator) and it went really well! We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ, and they were both feeling the spirit so strong! Other than that we had a few member messages, and called it good!
Sunday, January 24: Devotional with Elder Ballard
Stake conference was today!! Then we had two member messages and then straight to the church to wait for the devotional. We got there almost 2 hours early and most of the seats in the pews were taken. Crazy talk! Leo, Parker, Rick, and Tayson all came to sit next to us and we were all pretty crammed on the row haha but everyone in the whole church building was crammed in to see Elder Ballard speak. We didn't get to have a meet and greet with him afterward, but he was so sweet talking about how he met his wife, and how sweet his life has turned out to be with her by his side! So sweet!!

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