Friday, November 6, 2015

Week 6 - Halloween week is so scary on the mission!‏

FRIDA!!! Hahaha sometimes you just gotta live life with a unibrow
Inspiration Photo for Frida Kahlo 

COULDN'T LEAVE IT AT THAT. WENT FOR THE UNIBROW. And Sister Thetford is just a girl from the 60s. She hasn't dressed up since she trick or treated. Lame. Peer pressure for the win!! :) 

Exchanges with Sister Mola! :) 
Exchanges with Sister Payne and Aguilar! I'm dying laughing because they were SO EXCITED to take a picture :) 
Chicken feet  dinner given to us on our exchange! I may be down to eat everything... but I didn't try this- I'm sad about it to haha..    *I asked her question  " How often do the YSA feed your dinner"?"  
every night but Monday night! One week our ward mission leader lost the sign up sheet so we were on our own for a week, but since we have 4 wards, they each get a week of the month that they have to cover 6 nights. Since there's so many RM's, they're usually pretty excited to feed us

Dallis, who showed up to a lesson the day before halloween in a gypsy costume. Larry loved it! (I was losing my mind with excitement) 
What I looked like all throughout halloween- pretty low-key, whatever it's glasses right? 
Sister Thetford hemmed Elder Andrew's baptismal pants and then decided to wear them... Don't tell Elder Andrew hahaha

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