Sunday, October 25, 2015

Week 4 - leading lessons, grateful for mail, singing in zone conference

Thank you for the mail and packages! I'm sending my replies hopefully next Monday! I can only get mail on Fridays, when they bring it to district meetings, but that's totally fine.

My wall in the living room! Besides the sticky notes with the quotes on them, those were already there. LITERALLY EVERYONE that sees this picture of Ayden and I ask if I have a boyfriend back home. Without fail. Everyone.

On our way to Zone Conference! Actually, this is us sitting in our car waiting for them to open the doors, because we all got there an hour early.

The note we made for Emily! On top of some of my notes for some reason.

Here's me driving! I do most of the driving now so I can learn my way around better.  Super unsafe. Shame on you Sister Thetford. lol
I SAW A CAT. I've been seeing so many cats, I really should have Sister Thetford take a picture of me with all of them. I pet most of the ones I see. It's so wonderful.

Here's Sister Thetford being the best aunt ever and sewing this baby blanket for her new niece! She was up so late last night finishing it!

Here's a screengrab of me singing at zone conference (more like a screengrab of me looking super awkwardly at the huge audience but oh well).

I got mail!!! Everyone was so excited for me at zone prayer when more and more kept coming (or at least that's what it felt like haha) Thank you so much!!!

Love you all so much!!
--  Sister Jensen

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