Friday, October 30, 2015

Week 5 - Fab 4 reunited, Exchanges, P-Day Halloween, learning Botswana language

What I look like today. I'm wearing my glasses to our zone activity of making haunted gingerbread houses and I'll be the version of Sister Jensen that has bad eyesight. SO ORIGINAL

Sister Mola is from Botswana and is Mandarin speaking and we are on exchanges today (Thursday) because both of our companions have a meeting we can't go to. This is her language study. She is teaching me to say "I love my family"

MTC Fab Four Reunited at training session!

We made haunted gingerbread houses for p-day and played hours of Volleyball. My knees are so bloody. It's amazing.

Sister Jensen finds yet another feline investigator....

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Week 4 - leading lessons, grateful for mail, singing in zone conference

Thank you for the mail and packages! I'm sending my replies hopefully next Monday! I can only get mail on Fridays, when they bring it to district meetings, but that's totally fine.

My wall in the living room! Besides the sticky notes with the quotes on them, those were already there. LITERALLY EVERYONE that sees this picture of Ayden and I ask if I have a boyfriend back home. Without fail. Everyone.

On our way to Zone Conference! Actually, this is us sitting in our car waiting for them to open the doors, because we all got there an hour early.

The note we made for Emily! On top of some of my notes for some reason.

Here's me driving! I do most of the driving now so I can learn my way around better.  Super unsafe. Shame on you Sister Thetford. lol
I SAW A CAT. I've been seeing so many cats, I really should have Sister Thetford take a picture of me with all of them. I pet most of the ones I see. It's so wonderful.

Here's Sister Thetford being the best aunt ever and sewing this baby blanket for her new niece! She was up so late last night finishing it!

Here's a screengrab of me singing at zone conference (more like a screengrab of me looking super awkwardly at the huge audience but oh well).

I got mail!!! Everyone was so excited for me at zone prayer when more and more kept coming (or at least that's what it felt like haha) Thank you so much!!!

Love you all so much!!
--  Sister Jensen

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

"Praise to the Man" Quartet for First Zone Conference

First area on the mission - Bonneville Young Single Adult Stake!

This is our new apartment!  We cover 3 wards in one stake plus another ward. They are all YSA wards.
We're in the Bonneville YSA (Young Single Adult) stake right next to the University of Utah.  Over 50% of the housing in this mission is member homes. So that's kinda intense. I'm just glad to be starting in a sketch apartment.

My trainer, Hermana Thetford, has been out for 8 months and spent the past 6 months speaking Spanish.  

Sister Thetford can't eat sweets, I get all of them! I'm going to gain so much weight! hahahahaha

This is the computer I'm emailing on. Talk about retro, eh? Supes slow, but a lot less locked down than the MTC ones. I might be able to do a family iCloud sharing thing during the week where I could share pictures but I just don't know. Also, this computer doesn't want to recognize my camera. Hopefully it does soon. Luckily I took a few with my iPad

First day in mission field with President and Sister Spendlove and my new trainer and companion,  Hermana Thetford.

I'm assuming you noticed my haircut since you always notice haha. It was free! I got it the day I left the MTC haha and my hair was all split ends and hadn't been cut since last December.
This is us touching President Monson's fence. We're nerds.

Cool companions wear polka dots!

Left the MTC - taking the train to our mission in SLC!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

First email from her mission!

So this is super weird, we've been here for over a week and finally get to email our families. DearElder has been a TRUE blessing, I get those same day and then I can read them when we get back to our residency hall. Basically, thank you to everyone that has sent me one, because even if it's a sentence, we all rejoice and read our letters together (okay maybe that's just the sisters in our district). Sister Bonzo, my lovely companion, knows so much about my family now, and Mom she DIES laughing when we read your letters, and thank you Dad for sending those spiritual thoughts at the end of your letters, I think I'll do the same thing. Also, it doesn't put the date on the DearElders so I'm kinda over here guessing the order of the letters and when everything is happening :). ALSO Mom, I haven't seen Women's Conference yet! Stop giving me these amazing teaser trailers! Haha they recorded it and we'll watch it when the elders watch the Priesthood session.     
So, yeah! That's it for now! Love you, Sister Jensen

***Side note from Mom ****Sister Jensen is leaving MTC today so no more to the MTC address. You can now send mail to her at:  Sister Linda Jensen, Utah Salt Lake City Mission, 1535 South Edison Street, SLC UT, 84115-1625

JUST kidding! Haha I've taken over 100 pictures this past week, you didn't think I would pass up the chance to send them did you? :)  I plan to send emails with just a ton of pictures in them haha sorry I'm not so great at this email business. I'm no Sister Robinson, I can't just write emails without picture prompts. I'M NO MONSTER. lol                     

Okay so here's a sideways pic that I can't be bothered to fix (Mom fixed) but it shows my dork dot! I immediately changed after classes the first day because I wasn't really feeling the whole dress and blazer thing RIGHT out the gate.

Here's a selfie though! And it's the right way so you're welcome haha just take note of how happy and vibrant I look, it will be important on the pop quiz later. ( I have to put all these pictures as small or this message won't send apparently)

HEAVEN HELP ME THIS COMPUTER IS SLOW. It keeps telling me to remove pictures, and I keep adding pictures. Time will tell who will win this battle. Anyway, here's Sister Bonzo! She's a super cutie and crazy smart and I love her so much. I feel like I've known her for at least 2 years, but I guess it's technically been 8 days. Sister (can't say man here), the MTC BONDS people. And quickly. Behind her by the way is Sister Mooneyhan, also adorable, also a spiritual giant. She's companions with Sister Brady!! I knew Sister Brady from facebook, skype, and snapchat so it was an amazing reunion.

Yeah so we forced someone to take a nice picture of us- here's the crew! These girls are my life now (haha no just kidding my life now is teaching and studying and praying, but still). We are the only ones in our 6 person room and it is amazingly great to have that extra room. They make me stay up like an hour late because they're talking all the time, but it's worth it, I love these sisters.

Sister Bonzo and I after our first lesson! We taught Eva, our PI, who is played by our teacher, Sister Neilsen. But Eva is so real, you have no idea. We were like almost sick before our lesson with her and then it got a lot better and we only thought it went well because of how calm we were in the lesson. We were the first people to teach a lesson in our class and we didn't even know how to do most of it. Like, did you know we're supposed to start with a prayer? Of course you did! WE DIDN'T. 

Sister Mooneyhan was the first one to get a package! Pumpkin bread by the way (took us so long to finish it)

They're cute and they know it, they just kinda shove it in our faces how cute they are haha so rude!

I got new scriptures AND THEY ARE THE STUFF OF LEGEND. I still had stuff like "bautiful elafant" written in the front of my old scriptures and now mine are beautiful and almost as big as an elephant

Here's our zone! All of them just left except our district and we just got a new batch of missionaries in yesterday! They're so cute :)\

Thank you so much for the packages!! The pictures were so amazing to get and we all ate chips and salsa and these cinnamon rolls were bomb diggity. Actually they came on the perfect day because we went to devo as the MTC choir and accidentally missed dinner to do so. But singing in the choir made it so worth it! :)

Here's how good we looked for service yesterday. It was kind of a ridiculous thing to do considering we mopped floors, but you've gotta look drop dead gorgeous sometimes, amirite??? 

Here's me today getting summoned for a flu shot. Notice Sister Bonzo in the back not even showing any sympathy for me. What an awful companion...

I think this is the day we taught 3 lessons. Today we'll teach our 10th, but there's only one today for us since we don't have class instruction with Sister Neilson, just Brother Rogers (who is the most hilarious teacher ever btw). Sister Neilsen is super spiritual and actually I totally had a meltdown/breakdown last night and cried all over the place and she was super sweet about it and called us exceptional missionaries and that our standards are just a lot higher than the rest of the class (the standards we put on ourselves)

This was the funeral for Elder Scott! Powerful funeral. ALSO IF YOU CAN FIND THE MTC ADDRESS THAT ELDER BEDNAR GAVE called the character of christ, it is life changing.  Hey I love you all so much! Sorry there's a lot more pictures and a lot less words but I took so many and they show a thousand words or some bologna. HAHA LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU

--  Sister Jensen