Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Getting Mission Clothes Made in Vietnam!

 To start off, I'd been eyeing this polka dot dress on pinterest for a while, and haven't been able to find it anywhere. Cue an amazing Vietnam trip, and a swanky place called Yaly.

Almost an exact copy! And I got it lined, with pockets, and with a polka dot sash to go with it! It ended up being about $49 USD, which in hindsight isn't that much. Especially with how hard it is to find modest clothing in the States.

Here's another dress that I wanted, but maybe not so form-fitting. We got all the rest of our clothing at Ba Bi from Louise, and let me tell you it was the best place in Hoi An.

As you can tell from how many pictures I took in it, this was my favorite dress. It's so comfy!!

Here's one that my friend Rachel sent me on Pinterest, and I love it! (Just not the weird gathering on the top, which Louise was quick to point out on the picture).


I absolutely love the red fabric of that dress! It was such a find, I knew I had to have something made with it. (Bonus on the pictures of me holding my mission call, sorry, this doubles as my mission photoshoot :) )

My mom had this shirt made, and then decided she didn't like it so it fell to me! I absolutely love it :) Also I had a skirt that I got in a Bellingham thrift shop that I decided to get made in blue, black, and polka dot. Here's the blue one.

Here's the polka dot one :)

So I didn't get this one made in Vietnam, but I tried to copy it! The skirt is from either H&M or Forever 21... I get those two mixed up sometimes.

Just couldn't help it. :P

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