Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Haw Par Villa

Today we went out with Jane and Julianna to Haw Par Villa! It's only a few MRT stops away from us on the circle line, and completely free.

I like to call this one "See what I did to this snake? That'll happen to you if you don't get off my property." It's a title in progress.

How do I manage to look this good all the time? No one knows.

I call this one, "What Rob Dyrdek should've given to Big Cat instead of a tiger-print cop car."

And then there was the "Ten Courts of Hell"

Little bit depressing...

Here's the first sculpture...

...And the last one. This place was interesting, but over the top. These little sculpture guys were shown tortured in the most gruesome ways. Don't bring your kids to this. Everything outside this tunnel is fine, but this would be pretty traumatic.

They included us. Does my heart good :')

And then I remembered I had a snapchat, so bear with me...

I mean really, what were these sculptures supposed to mean? They're pretty great whatever they are

And then we went back one stop to Pasir Panjang for a lime juice, which is top 3 drinks in Singapore for me. And I went on a run tonight! (well, a walk/run/wheeze but hey)

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