Wednesday, July 15, 2015

An Official Cosmoprof Academy Model

So the Sister Missionaries at church asked me if I could help their investigator by letting her do my makeup for practice for her cosmetology school. Of course I said yes! And then they sent me a picture of the makeup she did on them...

And it got real. I laughed for like 5 minutes straight (in a good way), immediately told my family, and prepared for the best Wednesday ever.

In the cab she showed me the plan for my makeup and I was like yeah cool, no biggie.

This one shocked me a tad more...

Here's us in the cab!

Heres some of her other work. This is when I know we're about to live it up.

I had thought it was going to be chill, with me hanging out in some room while she does my makeup and we take lots of selfies. Turns out I had to have a special badge, and this was a weekly exam. All the students were there with their models and they were timed for makeup and hair.

Intense. High pressure for Leyla, I felt bad. I was living it up though! :)

Apologies in advance for the same angle. Pictures are kinda frowned on.

And the makeup is finished!

So she pulls out all these fake braids... And I get a bit worried (not gonna lie)

She put 3 (THREE) of those fake bun/sock bun things in my hair.

Then she made my hair cover it, and then covered it in braids.

Gotta have the bling of course...

The other students did hair and makeup that played it safe and didn't push the time boundaries. Leyla worked up until the last second and I LOVE IT. Be bold! Everyone loved it!

Our language barrier was a little bit difficult (she's a native French-speaker and I know absolutely no French) but we got by, and she never once got discouraged even though she's in an English school.


This picture makes me realize how awful my posture is, but look at the HAIR.

And this is how I went home, slicked back ponytail and all. And I might be able to help her out in August with her wedding look where she would have me wear a wedding dress (modest of course) though I might be in HK again... Overall this was so fun, and Leyla is the kindest person ever! I would love to go back all the time :)

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  1. Sweetie, you are absolutely beautiful!!! Love, Aunt Treena