Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Week in Perth, WA

The Arrival

We got into Perth International Airport around 11pm (same time zone as Singapore) and then had to wait about 2 hours for an agent to even come to our rental car stand! Of course, it all had a happy ending- we just were super tired and hungry and had rapidly dying cell phones 

We actually didn't know the WiFi password when we got there, so we drove to Maccas (McDonald's) so that we could try to ask other people that had lived there before if they knew the password!

Caversham Wildlife Park

If you love birds, make this a priority destination- our travel mate, Evelyn, absolutely loves birds and was in heaven!

One thing I wasn't ready for was being able to walk amongst the roos... Well, I was ready for it, but it's so different than a states zoo- not a keeper in sight!

No big deal. I think this one is named Martha. Probably.

It's pictures like these that make me feel artistic. And then I show them to my formerly professional photographer mom and get a "Yes, that's nice Linda". Well mehhhh it's officially published on a blog now. So in your face, Mom! (For anyone new to my family, that's a phrase of endearment)

SUPER cute. They were pretty friendly (nothing like the wild ones we encountered 2 years ago)


I have to say, this Wombat was not feelin it. He was trying to flip out of this guy's arms and the poor guy looked so stressed! (The keeper that is... they switched out the wombats for a more friendly and happy one later)

Sadly, they wouldn't let me recreate the koala holding picture that I have from two years ago, so this one will have to do I suppose...

Yanchep National Park

Fearless. Wild Kangaroos. And she's walking right up to them.


I'm not even going to bother telling you to go to a certain beach because they were all gorgeous on the coast, and we didn't swim anyway (Being Winter and all...)

Fremantle Prison

FAVORITE PART. Something about maximum security prisons is so interesting to me! It was like walking through Alcatraz. If you go, do both tours and see if you can get Jim Fisher (I think that was his name- pardon me if I'm mistaken) as your tour guide. He was super fast, but he had tons of stories about the escapes since he worked here for 36 years while it was up and running as a prison! It only stopped running in 1991! Ahhh so interesting!

Exploring and Perth City

Many boyfriends were found on this trip. I'll be set for after my mission!

And here's the actual reason we came to Perth! It's one of the three closest temples to us in Singapore, and our friend Evelyn needed to go through the temple for the first time! Such a beautiful temple, and it seemed even smaller than Hong Kong! You'd have to ask my mom to confirm though :)

Perth Mint! I wish we could have taken a tour here, but it was pretty expensive and I couldn't make my mom and Evelyn pay for something they obviously weren't into. (Sometimes I think I'm not cut out for Computer Science or Electrical Engineering and then stuff like this happens where I'm dying to know how it all works and the people around me are like, stop. Calm it on down.)

Diagon Alley! Or at least that's what we called it. There's just one little alley in Downtown Perth that looks like it belongs in Harry Potter World.

Gorgeous church right in the middle of the city. You can kind of tell from the picture that it fused modern architecture with the old. The inside is amazing too.

A wonderful trip in Perth with wonderful people! <3

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