Monday, June 22, 2015

Volunteering at SPCA

Today was the first day that Mom and I volunteered at SPCA Singapore!

Just to reiterate, in case you didn't read the caption on the first photo...

Mom signed up for dog shelter helper and I signed up for cat/small animal shelter helper. Fun fact: Mom took this picture, and I'm actually cleaning out a cage after taking a cat out of it- so no kitties actually involved in this pic :)

I don't know why snapchat videos show up like this with the play button on the front! But this is Tia, she came in today and she was super playful. She wasn't used to being in a cage at all, she was constantly reaching out for us.

This cat and I were best friends and I never even got his name - bad friend alert.

The smell is a bit hard to get used to, but it was also shocking the first time I was here that it's all outside! No inside kennels with air con, this all had fresh air and fans. A bit hotter, but nicer for the animals. 

Mom made a friend named Wiley, who stuck to her like glue. The staff member nearby joked that we almost had to surgically remove him from mom's lap, that's how much he loved Mom. Such a cutie

Here's my best friend again! He looks fake, but I promise he's real. It's all my mom's photo skills: getting kittens to look like perfect statues (except this kitten was crazy in his cage and then content to just sit up in my hand and walk around with me).

I'm in love with these pictures, what a cute puppy. Such a sweet dog, I hope he gets snatched up by a loving family soon!

Mom and Dad got me a more modern cat shirt for my birthday since all mine are a little... childish (fine, I admit it). But look at this one! Totally ready to bring on the mission! Just kidding! (not)

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