Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Universal Studios with Yillian!

Yeah... we thought we just braved the ride. Little did we know that we went on the easy half of the ride, and we wasted a moment when both halves were only at a 5 minute wait time. Definitely get to the park right when it opens and make a beeline for the rides. These lines fill up fast. Transformers will only be at a 5 minute wait for the first 15 minutes of the park, then it's never below 40 for the rest of the day. This is us after going on the red half of Battlestar Galactica.

This was a little pioneer cart ride opposite the Mummy ride, and it was similar to Autopia. You were in little cars and could steer them and press the gas, but they were on tracks. We were stuck in the back while a two year-old did the driving. It was painful. And for some reason the steering wheel was on the left?? That messed me up. In HK the steering wheels were on the right like normal.

If you go, get a churro. $4 of goodness, no tax (just keep telling yourself the no tax part). Yillian bought me another one at the end of the day because I was "being good" and also I was super out of money :)

They sold beer right next to the water bottles and assorted drinks! Not even a sit down restaurant! They encouraged parents to walk around with a yard of beer (basically a community reference, can't let that one slide). I think I was the only one, besides Yillian of course, that thought it was crazy.

When's the last time you had a grape slushie that tasted like grapes? Never? That's what I thought. Technically you could mix all the flavors if you wanted, it's a self-serve after you buy your cup.

Donkey's comedy show was pretty cute honestly, but I was a little scared he would make me stand up in front of the audience. I don't know how they did it! I think he must have had a camera and a microphone, but also they had to program donkey to move his mouth whenever the actor did. I definitely would love a behind the scenes on that.

The Enchanted Airways ride was pretty cute! Faster than I thought it would be, given what our seat restraints were, but it was a really quick ride. All these rides are really quick, they feel like they don't go on nearly as long as they do in the States. 

As you can see, the blue section of the Battlestar Galactica is way more fun :).

Yeah these don't really need captions, we're just nerds.

World's best Dad, everyone! I couldn't have done it without all the support of my fans. This award has been a long time coming.

30 Rock! Now I don't even need to go to New York, this is basically the full experience right? I even got a slice of pizza across from here and it was pretty gross. I don't recommend the pizza at Universal

Don't tell my mom how scary the Cylon half of Battlestar Galactica is or she might not go :) I loved it! But Yillian wouldn't let me go more than once. Good thing I have a season pass >:)

Ummmm this show was hilarious. It was like one big community reference, but it was Water World instead of Lava World (yes, I know that Water World is a real movie)

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