Thursday, June 11, 2015

Outdoor Movie & Dragon Boat Races

Here's a snapchat from my mom that I took a screenshot of and totally am using on my blog. I'm such a wonderful daughter! Mom heard about an outdoor movie on the lawn opposite Marina Bay Sands and the Merlion, apparently they were playing Harry Potter and the goblet of fire the night before, but we went to a dinner with the Deavers. They were playing How to Train Your Dragon 2 Saturday night, the night we would be there (everything was dragon themed for the dragon boat races)

One of the only problems with an inflatable movie screen in Singapore is the crazy wind that will pick up at random intervals. They had to stop the movie twice because the movie screen had completely collapsed on itself :)

I just had to include this picture! My phone has this weird mode where you can take two pictures at once, and since we were watching the dragon boat races...

The dragon boat races were so cool! They have a person in the back banging the drum to keep the rest of the paddlers motivated in each boat. I could do that job ;)

Gotta love late-night bus rides with the parents :) (but the MRT and buses stop running at midnight, so not too late, don't worry)

<3 (soon to be) Sister Jensen

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