Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Youtube Star

It's gotten to the point where nothing really exciting is happening over here, so now I'm posting the most random things. So how about all the youtube videos I'm in that I know about? (In no particular order of course)

1. What Do Babies And Astronauts Have In Common?

It's not my fault I completely nailed those questions (sorry Harry for saying you make me puke :) ) I was just watching TV with a friend when these two guys came up to us with a fish and a camera and started filming. (All because I was having too much fun yelling "Hi!" at everyone that walked past)

2. Youtuber Whispers Game

 Well only Bri is a youtuber, so this isn't really the youtuber challenge. But this was super fun! I remember regretting not doing my hair since of course all my friends looked all perfect. #classicLinda haha what can you do? I'm gonna miss these girls so much! (Hopefully Bri doesn't mind that I'm sharing her youtube channel)

3. Senior Prom 2014

Yeah most of these videos of me are on Bri's page, but I don't want to forget them!!

4.  Classic Abbie and Linda

This is basically the whole video: just us trying to contain ourselves in a photobooth after a sad movie

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