Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Weekend in Macau and Hong Kong


Hong Kong

Hong Kong is only about a 4 hour plane ride from Singapore, but my dad went on business and got his flight paid for, so my mom and I were on the cheap plane without refreshments or tv screens behind the seats (the horror!). Macau then is an hour ferry ride from the Hong Kong airport. Macau ferries aren't the same as Washington ferries: they have assigned seating and only one level. There isn't an opportunity to stand outside if you're feeling sick :/. But it was my first time traveling to a different country by boat!

On our way to Tian Tan Buddha (a.k.a Big Biddha) by cable car up the mountainside

Actually not too bad of a hike up to Big Buddha- a lot of people were taking it really slow up the steps

Absolutely beautiful and absolutely huge. It's hard to understand the scale from this picture, but it definitely lives up to its name. Also, he's sitting on a lotus flower, which the lady inside told us means "Dreams come true".

We found out that right in the middle of this circle was a natural amplifier- when you stood in the middle it sounded like you were shouting when you were talking at a normal volume. Dad took the opportunity to showcase his beatboxing :)

 This is the train that goes straight up to Victoria Peak. Felt really close to as steep as the one in the Blue Mtns, Australia. The line for it was crazy, and in Asian countries, they don't really care about cutting in line (at least the ones I've been to). So you have to take up as much room as possible- if you leave space between you and the wall, it's your fault they were able to get ahead of you :)

We had to stand up in the back of the train instead of sitting down and it ended up being the perfect spot! We got to see way more, and then we were the first people off at the top of Victoria Peak.

The view from the top was completely worth the crazy lines we endured at the bottom. Definitely a must if you're ever in Hong Kong. Such an amazing view of the city. 

We saw the light show that they do in English on Friday nights, and I have to say the light show itself was pretty underwhelming. But the view of the city from that angle was amazing also! I wish I had seen the city at night from Victoria Peak.

We were also able to go the the Hong Kong temple, which I HIGHLY suggest! It is pretty small, but beautiful. Do some family history and bring your family names because this will be an experience you'll never forget!

We went to Hong Kong Disneyland too, and though it was pretty small, it was super fun! You definitely don't need more than one day to do the whole park, you don't even need a full day. And everyone raves about Mystic Manor- it's pretty good! (It's no Haunted Mansion, but it's still cute!) This fun picture on the right is on the Small World ride where they put us on a boat all by ourselves in the middle of a rush! Nice workers or segregation, we're still not sure :)


These are The Ruins of St. Paul, there's a little crypt under it that you can go in and look at artwork, but other than that, all that's left of it is the front. 

We decided that with only one day to explore Macau that we would get an open top tour bus so that we could hop on and off at different points around Macau. It was amazing for seeing the sketchier parts that you wouldn't want to be walking through, but it was a little more difficult than expected because it didn't stop at normal bus stops. We couldn't just walk to a different place and know where they would pick us up, we had to have gotten dropped off there first to know where it was. 

You find in these Asian countries that American actors will do ads here that they would never do in America. They are probably the funniest thing I've seen/noticed about Asian countries. That smile. Kills me.

<3 (soon to be) Sister Jensen

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