Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Week in Snapchat Stories

I'm actually writing this as a sicky in Singapore. The doctor didn't really say what I have but basically it's a cross between a cold and a flu and my immune system was completely unprepared for it. Mom and I don't really notice the height difference anymore, but it's obvious that everyone else hasn't gotten used to it (especially a doctor that has to reach up so far to listen to my lungs).

Mom found some pizza-type crusts that are really thin that we can use for pizza finally! That has to be one of the main foods I was able to make so easily that I took for granted then. There isn't a Winco for us to get our pizza dough, and the flour here is really salty for some reason. Thank goodness the cheese is normal here (though I still hate Australian cheddar). Oh they also have ketchup here, and it's totally normal (but we don't buy it and that somehow feels normal. Singapore's changed me).

This picture gives my life meaning. So great. Mom was the one that spotted it, too! So I took a pic and added the 'Y' in snapchat. What a lovely day! We also went on a 23 mile bike ride that day (more on that in a bit) and this was after watching the movie, "A Royal Night Out" and it was really good! 

For anyone too lazy to open another tab: 38 km = 23.6 mi, 16.2 km/h = 10.07 mph, 563 m = 1847 ft. This ride wasn't so bad, but the end was the hardest just like last time. We went on the highway again and the roads to get home, and it was scary but I'm slowly getting used to it. I just don't think I could go on my own yet. Best to have parental supervision. :) And always wear a helmet! My dad got his bike tire caught in a grate this week and he flipped over his front handlebars. His face is really banged up and he has stitches, but his helmet saved him from being a lot worse. It actually melted the front of his helmet!

This is always a must after our bike rides with Bert- fresh fruit juice and cut-up fruit. I love getting pear/green apple juice! We got orange/apple/ginger last time and it's a great combo but easy on the ginger- intense stuff. I also love the cut-up mango and kiwi there.

Yes, Mom left me at the MRT station :). We were running to catch the metro as the doors were flashing, and she was able to get in but I couldn't make it in time, so the doors closed between us. It was mostly just super embarrassing. Luckily she got off on the next stop and joined me on my train.

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