Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Collection of Snapchat Favorites (vol 3)

Singapore Edition

The first week in Singapore, I kind of constantly felt like I was dying of heatstroke and I was in a terrible crabby mood all the time, and my lovely mother took me to get some Ikea meatballs, because that was the only food item that's unchanged from America to Singapore to Sweden. Those meatballs are a constant in a constantly changing world. The true heroes.
Universal Studios Singapore is literally a scooter ride from our house. I don't want to forget that- because how crazy close is that??

Mom and I waiting in line for the Madagascar ride at Universal Studios. There's a whole section for Madagascar- it's crazy what you can do when you build a copy of a theme park waaay after the original one was built.

Thank goodness this happened 5 weeks in, when I knew exactly what I was doing and where I was going on the metro. Mom ran for the metro doors and they closed directly behind her, effectively cutting off a mother and her helpless daughter (it was totally fine and not a big deal, she got off at the next stop and joined me on the metro. Just a funny story I kinda want to remember and tease her about for a while :) )

Such a cutie! Millie is the daughter of a really nice couple in our Singapore ward, and we get to babysit her from time to time. She really lives up to her nickname, Chill Mill.

Don't worry, I was completely calm and collected as I pulled my skirt back up, and I was wearing spandex underneath (thank goodness). But sheesh that was completely humiliating. You lose weight fast in Singapore, where you're constantly walking, sweating, and you don't have access to the same junk food. My advice? Wear a belt everywhere.

No. Never. Though it is super cheap here, getting more than a small bunch will stink up your hot house. Don't do it.

Well, I mean, I was at the pool so it was cooler. But still. It took me about a month to fully feel adjusted, though there's still days where I have absolutely no energy and Mom's trying to peel me off the couch.
You're not supposed to take videos or pictures of the puppies in Hong Kong, but I like to live my life on the rebellious side (but I really didn't know at the time that I couldn't take videos)
These are definitely the people that raised me. Love the heckerooni out of them.

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