Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Collection of Snapchat Favorites (vol 1)

In no particular order...

That weekend in Winter Semester that we decided to go to Utah for the color festival. Note to self: don't go on a trip with a bunch of fashionistas unless you plan on waking up an hour earlier everyday to straighten your hair.

That time in Winter Semester that I was sick and in PJ's but still walked to the grocery store to get chocolate. Dedication at its finest.

That super crazy day that was sunny and dry in the morning and covered with snow in the afternoon. As you can see from my raw skin: flats were a bad choice.

Even just walking with this case made it slam in the back of my knee, but it was worth it because that class was the best part of my semester. Lesson learned: make sure to take a fun class along with the hard working major classes.

Oh whoops, did I leave this amazing picture in here? (I would later lose that water bottle. I suspect my roommates. RIP my purple waterbottle. You will be remembered as a hero.)

Guitar was so much fun and part of that credit goes to Lorien! Such a good friend (and yes she definitely looked like Megan- more so in person than on snapchat. It was a little freaky, but strangely comforting).

Ummmm I'm sorry but what a cutie! He might have had waaay more energy than me, but hanging out with him was never boring, that's for sure. He spent one day trying to stab me with my own headband... Ah kids... (Mostly kidding about that one, he was a super sweet kid I promise)

I think this was the second day in Winter Semester? Shelese and I barely knew each other and I basically made everyone in that apartment think I'm crazy by taking pictures of them and putting captions like this on them. Nice one, Linda.

After a long hard night of driving for hours in the snow (partly by myself), bringing all my stuff into my room on my own, and completely avoiding my new roommates, I celebrated the finish with a snapchat. A snapchat.  Come on Linda.

Christmas break is a beautiful time in Seattle for creeper pictures. I'm sorry for laughing at this picture, stranger. I didn't expect to catch you mid-sneeze and it was so very delightful.

What can I say? Perfection. I can say perfection.

New Years 2k15 with some of my loves. Coincidentally I love this picture. It really shows the party-animal mentality we had (as shown by us sitting around with glasses of sparkling cider).

I feel like this needs to be shown because I'm still so very proud of it. End of Fall Semester. I think Laura hated me because our room smelled like paint but WORTH IT. Ayden's 2014 Christmas present since he made me an Adventure Time painting for my 2014 birthday, I felt like I needed to repay the favor.
Blogger made this collection of snapchats into a gif, and can I just say I love it? It's the dynamic between my brothers and I, perfectly captured. :)

Yeah this girl was a bit sillier than Jensen. She was the daughter of the lady that cut my hair in Rexburg, and she spent the evening trying to shove popcorn into my mouth while we watched Kung Fu Panda. Overall not a bad gig.

<3 (soon to be) Sister Jensen

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